"Ars longa Vita brevis"

New look and a new website!

Blackfriars Records was originally created in order to release material from Ken and Suzanne's rich
musical history. Our aesthetic and logo as a label reflected the Gothic nature of most of the pair's
archived material, while the archives are still a bountiful treasure trove, we're choosing to release
these back catalogue gems as "treats" here and there amongst new music from the gang.
This changes the focus of the label to NEW MUSIC! Which in turn, meant a new logo and website
was necessary to reflect our new direction and aim to consistently release quality music!
From the old to the new....
The three hooded figures will no doubt be back to darken your day again, but we've chosen to
re-think and simplify the logo so as not to put ourselves in a box. 

Pigeon holes are for pigeons!

Massive thanks to Sam at Obese Aesthetics for the help with the logo/Ident
and to Tessellated Sound for the website